Dennis presented with a small lower jaw and severe sleep apnea as a result of the size of his lower jaw. His teeth did not fit together before the surgery making eating difficult and straining the jaw joint.

Braces were placed and the orthodontist aligned the teeth with the bone before surgery, during surgery a lengthening of the lower jaw was accomplished and the chin was advanced. After his surgery his sleep apnea was abolished and his teeth fit together. He had a significant change in his appearance.

Ellen presented needing two bottom back teeth replaced, and two upper front lateral incisors replaced. Upon examination a significant overbite and overjet was noted, creating severe difficulties in restoring the bite. She became interested in improving her looks as well.

Braces were placed to align the teeth with the jawbone. Her surgery included lengthening of the jaw, placement of cheekbone grafts for cosmetics, and replacing the missing teeth with implants. A rhinoplasty was also performed to aid in her concerns for appearance changes.

Vicki needed to have her lower jaw advanced in order for the orthodontist to get her teeth to fit together to improve health, and function, as well as esthetics.

After her surgery to lengthen the jaw the objectives were achieved.