Dr. Bonine can evaluate tissue and perform biopsies

  • What is a biopsy?

    Any abnormal tissue found by your doctor, dentist, oral surgeon, or even yourself, which cannot be readily explained, should be biopsied to prove that it is nothing serious. Most abnormal tissue is benign, but the biopsy will allow us to make certain that it is not serious tissue or a malignancy.

    "Abnormal tissue" may include the following: growths, swellings, lumps, non-healing sores in the mouth or on the face, color change in the skin, white flat areas on the lips, persistent cracks or scaling of the lips.

    Maybe it's a wart-like growth, or perhaps a denture has been fitting poorly from an unexplained subtle swelling in the jaws. Maybe your dentist, dermatologist, or physician has recommended you get something biopsied—in all of these cases Dr. Bonine may perform an evaluation and possibly recommend a biopsy of the affected area.

    At times, watching the growth, or making your own observation of it, is an important option if professional evaluation has suggested it is of low suspicion or doesn't look serious.

  • Why does this happen?

    Changes to abnormal tissue can occur with infections, genetic disorders, immunological conditions, reactive situations, and sometimes, cancerous states.

    The mouth and head are the source of more growths than any other part of the body. Cancers from all parts of the body are known to migrate to the jaws. As such, if abnormal tissue is found, it is vitally important that it be examined intensively. Often, the biopsy becomes the most important step in determining whether the growth is benign or malignant in nature.

  • What can be done?

    The first part of the process of having a biopsy is figuring out the history of the abnormal tissue. An exam may include having x-rays, CAT scans, or MRI's if the growth is deeper within the head or mouth. A thorough examination of the affected area will be made. Sometimes special stains are used in the mouth to help evaluate the seriousness of abnormal tissue. Your medical history will also be reviewed.

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