Preparing for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Additional information once you've been to the consult

  • Eating & Drinking Before Surgery

    For procedures with IV Sedation: You should have nothing to eat or drink for 6 hours prior to surgery unless directed by Dr. Bonine. If pre-medication is required take with a sip of water only.

    For procedures with Local Anesthetic there is no preparation required.

  • Daily Medications

    Take all your daily routine medications the day of surgery unless specifically directed otherwise by Dr. Bonine.

  • Clothing & Shoes

    Please wear loose, comfortable clothing with tennis or lace-up shoes. Do not wear flip-flops, slip-ons, sandals, clogs or high heels.

  • Jewelry

    If you are being sedated for a procedure please do not wear necklaces or earrings. Please remove all oral piercings prior to any surgery.

  • IV Sedation

    Patients who are being sedated must be accompanied by a responsible adult (age of 18 or older). This driver is required to stay on site during your surgery and receive post-operative instructions along with the patient. IV sedation will not be performed if your driver is not on site, and this may result in having to reschedule your surgery time. There is no driver required for procedures utilizing only local anesthetics.

  • Insurance and Payment Requirements

    Our patients are required to pay for services rendered on the day of treatment. This payment includes services not covered by the insurance company, as discussed at the end of the consultation while reviewing the fee estimate. Additionally, if there happens to be a balance on your account (for existing or returning patients), we will require payment for that balance as well. Please realize that we do our best to give accurate information based on your insurance guidelines. In some instances, patients will receive refunds if their insurance company overpays on their claim. On other occasions, we are required to bill the patient for remaining portions of their treatment that the insurance company has not paid or underpaid. We highly recommend becoming familiar with your dental and medical benefits. In cases where patients are to be sedated, one may elect to leave a signed payment with our front office staff, as we are not permitted to have sedated patients handle finances. A receipt with the total payment will be given to the patient's designated driver.