Our Facility And Well Trained Staff Ensures Your Safety
Dr. Bonine's state of the art surgical facility works to provide you with the best oral and maxillofacial care available.

  • COVID-19 Safety

    How We Keep You Safe

    1. Biohazard Containment
    Our office was built as a biohazard airborne containment facility. I'm proud to say that we had the first accredited ambulatory oral and maxillofacial surgery office in the state. We exchange our air every 35 minutes. In addition, we use UV-C light in our filtration system to sanitize and destroy 99% of airborne viruses and pathogens while the remainder get diluted, flushed and ultimately destroyed. The design intent of our biohazard airborne containment facility is to supply a high rate of clean, filtered air thus reducing infectious risks (and has been since 1984). Our waiting room, the business offices, and the clinical section of our facility each have independent and separate air flow for additional protection.

    2. PPE and Full Face Masks
    We have always abided by the recommendations for the use of personal protection equipment (PPE) as outlined by the CDC. What that means to you is that all dental staff involved in patient care will use appropriate protective equipment such as gloves, masks, gowns and eyewear. Before seeing the next patient, everyone on the treatment team washes their hands and puts on a new pair of gloves. In addition, our administrative staff will also be using appropriate PPE for their safety and yours.

    3. Increased Sanitation
    We are increasing the frequency of our sanitation practices. We will be wiping down our waiting rooms, chairs, counters, bathroom, and door handles hourly. In our exam rooms, operatories, and recovery rooms, we'll be taking the necessary time after each patient to properly clean, disinfect, and prepare for the next patient. Before you enter any of the procedural rooms, all surfaces, such as chairs, lights, drawer handles and countertops, will have been cleaned and disinfected. Non-disposable items like the dental and surgical instruments are cleaned and sterilized between patients. Disposable dental instruments and needles are never reused.

    4. Following CDC Guidelines
    We will continue to monitor any additional guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) regarding Infection Prevention and Control.

    How You Can Help Us Stay Safe

    1. Wear a Mask
    Please wear a face mask or face covering when arriving at our office.

    2. Sanitize Your Hands Upon Arrival
    We will be providing you with hand sanitizer to wash your hands upon entry into our facility.

    3. Get Screened Upon Arrival
    Patients will be screened upon arrival including a temperature check as part of our routine assessment. You will also be asked a series of questions as part of our assessment of your health.

    4. Follow Social Distancing Guidelines
    Our waiting room will obey social distancing which means seating space will be limited to decrease the likelihood of transmitting COVID-19.

    5. Arrive on Time and Choose Your Preferred Waiting Area
    We ask that you arrive for your appointment on time rather than early to minimize your time in the waiting room. Rest assured that our lobby has its own air filtration system with UV-C that is separate from the medical areas and the administrative areas.

    You'll have three options while you wait:

    Wait in the comfort of your own car. Just call us and let us know you've arrive and we'll call you back when it's time to come in for your appointment.

    Enjoy our outdoor waiting area. Come into the lobby, let us know that you've arrived, and enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty of our outdoor waiting area.

    Relax in our lobby. Come in and let us know that you've arrived. Our lobby is continuously cleaned throughout the day and sanitized every two hours.

  • Digital Radiograph—Safety First

    Patient safety is always paramount. Dr. Bonine's Orthopantomograph OP300 Digital Radiograph (Cone Beam) emits much lower radiation than traditional CT scanning machines.

    It features LDT Low Dose Technologyâ„¢ to provide low dose scans for sensitive cases such as children, follow-up imaging, implant planning, or any other case where maximum resolution is not required.

    It also features Automatic dose control (ADC) to adaptively regulate panoramic exposure levels to each individual patient, during every acquisition to carefully control patient dosage.

    One of the best features of the Orthopantomograph OP300 is that it enables non-invasive diagnosis and planning. That means that it allows Dr. Bonine to make an accurate diagnosis without having to perform an invasive surgical procedure.

    This Cone Beam imaging technology allows Dr. Bonine to visualize those hidden areas in the mouth, jaw, and sinus cavity to quickly identify and diagnose the problem.

  • Emergency Care

    You will have access to Dr. Bonine 24 hours a day. 24-hour emergency coverage is provided through our office. Dr. Bonine is also on staff at Detroit Medical Center Huron Valley, and St. Joseph Livingston Hospital should the need arise.

    To better address your concerns after oral surgery, Dr. Bonine has the capability to connect with you through FaceTime, iChat or Skype for after-hours emergencies or when your recovery can be managed over the phone (only under Dr. Bonine's discretion).

  • Trained For Safety

    Dr. Bonine's Office is Michigan's first accredited ambulatory oral surgery office, and includes state of the art monitoring and training of Dr. Bonine and his entire staff. Our staff is trained for every oral health care need and every contingency to provide you with the best and safest health care experience from the routine to the unexpected: equipment sterilization, tornado drills, fire training and fire drills, advanced cardiac life support, and pediatric life support.

Safety Resources

COVID-19 Safety