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Wisdom Teeth and Impacted Teeth

Are You Having Problems With Your Wisdom Teeth?

Don't worry, you are not alone. According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), 85% of wisdom teeth will likely need to be removed.

Are You Anxious or Concerned About the Procedure?
It's normal to feel anxious and concerned. That's why we strongly recommend that you schedule a consult with Dr. Bonine. Dr. Bonine will answer all your questions about wisdom teeth and your treatment options.

Precise Planning for Impacted Wisdom Teeth
Dr. Bonine’s new Cone Beam Technology allows for a more precise wisdom teeth treatment plan on difficult, high-risk teeth which means a better outcome for you. The accuracy of cone beam technology means a precise surgery plan can be created which eliminates guesswork and lowers the risk of surgery complications.

Cone beam imagery provides a detailed look at the hidden places inside your mouth. When evaluating impacted teeth, the cone beam images can help Dr. Bonine plan your wisdom tooth extraction, assess risk, visualize vital nerves, and determine if a wisdom tooth is too close in proximity to the mandibular nerve.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn More.
A consult with Dr. Bonine can ease your worries. You'll learn about your wisdom teeth and find out about your treatment options as well as the available alternatives. You'll also learn about your options for anesthesia and how they can help you relax and make the procedure comfortable.

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