Dr. Bonine uses the latest technology to consult and communicate with your dentist and other health care providers.


Dr. Bonine's state of the art surgical facility works to provide you with the best oral and maxillofacial care available.
Using electronic transmission of digital radiographs, our progressive office is able to maintain correspondence with other health care workers who may be involved in your care such as your general dentist or your physician should the need arise.

Introducing Digital Radiograph Featuring Cone Beam Technology (CBCT)
Dr. Bonine’s new updated radiograph machine is capable of taking a CBCT––a small field cone beam. That’s an ultra high resolution CAT scan enabling a 3D evaluation of sight specific areas. These ultra high resolution 3-D CT scans of the patient’s face/jaws improve comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation, and improve treatment planning.

The Orthopantomograph™ is a recognized world leader in panoramic x-ray and is often used as the benchmark for other x-ray units. Manufactured by Instrumentarium, the Orthopantomograph OP300 provides Dr. Bonine with the highest resolution images improving diagnosis and improving predictability.

Patient safety is always paramount. The Orthopantomograph OP300 emits much lower radiation than traditional CT scanning machines. It’s the best of all worlds: Improved clinical diagnosis and predictability with lower radiation.

It’s also better and lower cost option compared to medical CT scans.