Cone Beam technology enables precision implace placement for a custom fit and a perfect bite.

Precision Implant Placement

Cone Beam Technology Improves the Dental Implant Process
Cone Beam technology provides Dr. Bonine with high definition 3-D images of the jawbone, teeth, and soft tissue structures that are critical to planning the placement of dental implants for a successful outcome. Your implants are more likely to fit perfectly because they can truly be customized fit your mouth.

Precision Placement of Implants in the Bone
The Cone Beam images help Dr. Bonine determine the optimal location for the titanium implants while avoiding nerves, sinuses, and areas of low bone density. Cone beam imagery allows Dr. Bonine to accurately measure and localize the available bone for a better outcome. Because of the cone beam image, he can precisely position the implant in sufficient bone coverage. Ideally, the implant can be placed where the it best supports the restoration by placing it in healthy abundant bone. If the cone beam suggests that the available bone is deficient, Dr. Bonine can augmented it with bone graft techniques.