From One Mouth to Another

This holiday season, there's even more to be joyful about. Dr. Bonine's office is pleased to announce the largest donation to Gleaners Food Bank of Livingston County since Dr. Bonine started the Gold for Food program in 1995.

Nine local dentists participated in this year's gathering of salvaged precious metals from dental restorations that have been donated by patients over the last year.

A total of $23,728.94 was collected by Dr. Fred Bonine, Dr. Bill Metz, Dr. Tara Wilson, Dr. Matt Matuszak, Dr. Todd Charlick, Dr. Brad Rondeau, Dr. Rob Hyland, Dr. Patricia Fuhst-Wylie, Dr. Anthony Kahn, and Dr. Walt Goodell. Don Mappin, the smelter at Atlantic Precious Metals (located in Pennsylvania), donated another $500.00, bringing the total to $24,228.94.

Dr. Bonine, Dr. Metz, Dr. Goodell, and Dr. Matuszak presented the check to Gleaners Food Bank of Livingston County on December 19th. That check has been generously matched by Walmart Corporation, amounting to a very impressive $48,457.88. An almost overwhelming total of $158,012 has been donated to Gleaners Food Bank of Livingston County since the start Gold For Food program seventeen years ago.

"During this tough time when everyone, including local small businesses, are struggling," says a past representative of Gleaners, "this is one example of how a small group of caring individuals can think outside the box to feed their hungry neighbors."

Considering that last year's total donation of $34,000 provided 931 Livingston County residents three meals a day for a year, the effect that this year's donation will have on our community is incredible. Even the impact on the environment comes to mind. Recycling the gold, silver, platinum, and palladium used in dental restorations means fewer burdens on third world countries where some precious metals are mined. Every little bit counts, and if all communities started recycling salvaged dental restorations, the impact that this could have on the rest of the world is not hard to imagine.

"It is such a simple and easy thing to do," says one surgical assistant at Dr. Bonine's office. "It benefits so many people in our community. It's amazing."

Decorating for the Holidays

We have decorated the office for the Holiday Season. Whether you are a patient or you are coming in with a patient, we want your experience at our office to be a joyful one. Relax in our waiting room next to the Christmas tree or enjoy the holiday music in the treatment rooms as you look out onto Brighton, Michigan's hidden sanctuary, Oaken Transformations.

Dr. Bonine attends the AAOMS National Implant Meeting

Dr. Bonine again attended the AAOMS National Implant meeting in Chicago at the end of November. He hosted several general dentists and an orthodontist from this area, furthering our commitment implant based restorative dentistry in Livingston County.

Re-Certified in the Emergency and Anesthesia Program

Our office was just re-certified in the self-evaluation emergency and anesthesia program by the Michigan Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Dr. Bonine Recieves "Most Hours Volunteered By a Doctor" Award

Dr. Bonine was presented with the "Most Hours Volunteered By a Doctor" award at the VINA Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. He has volunteered 56 hours at the clinic.

New Website Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website! It has a new look and feel with a responsive design for all devices.

Dr. Bonine Presents on Pharmacology

Dr. Bonine presented a program on pharmacology for the Chalmers J. Lyons Academy in Mackinaw for their summer meeting.

Dr. Bonine is now Adjunct Full Clinical Professor at the University of Michigan

Dr. Bonine is now an adjunct full clinical professor at the University of Michigan, where he continues to work with doctoral and post-doctoral students in clinical oral surgery and lectures.

Dr. Bonine Places the First Trabecular Metal Dental Implant

Dr. Bonine places the first Trabecular Metal Dental Implant, in the state of Michigan. This technological advance is FDA approved for restoration in as short as one month, and will significantly reduce healing times, improving efficiency for the patients, where the bone is adequate.